Control how much cellular data your iPhone uses.

control your cellular data usage on iPhone

Are you noticing a higher than normal cellular data usage on your iPhone since you have updated to iOS 8? We have. Part of the reason for this increase is due to some new options in iOS 8 whcih use celluar data as part of iCloud. We are going to show you how to help curb that data usage by changing a few settings on your iPhone.

Under Settings > iCloud > Documents & Data, toggle off ‘Use Cellular Data’ and any other apps you don’t want to use data.

We highly recommend toggling off WhatsApp before launching it on a newly restored device setup as a new iPhone. Why? At the first launch (if you’re not in Wi-Fi range), the app sees your iCloud backup and starts restoring from it and will do so over cellular. The same goes for Camera+, especially if you have lots of photos being stored in iCloud.


Another area is under Settings > iTunes & App Store, make sure Use Cellular Data is off. Also, another step would be to toggle off My Apps and App Store if you don’t care for suggested apps based on your location (battery drain).


Another way to control your data is to go to Settings > Cellular, then scroll down to see which apps are allowed to use data of cellluar. You can turn off cellular data usage for individual apps. There are few apps you can install that will aide you in monitoring your data usage. DataMan Next ($1.99) or DataMan Pro ($4.99).