Make a secure password

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Here are some tips on creating a secure password.

ebay Hacked. Change your password IMMEDIATELY!

On May 21, 2014 eBay revealed that their site was hacked and customers need to change their passwords. However, in the opinion of many, they are not notifiying customers in a responsible manner. There has been no email sent to customers warning them. According to, "eBay posted a prominent notice on its homepage. But that's only obvious to someone who happens to visit the website Thursday."

ebay Hacked. Change your password IMMEDIATELY!

Yet another vulnerability with Adobe Flash

On Monday Adobe disclosed that there is a new vulnerability with Flash that may allow attackers to remotely take control of Macs, PCs and Linux computers. They have advised users to update their version of Flash immediately. 

The bug affects Flash Player and earlier on the Mac. Users can check the version of Flash installed on their system by visiting Adobe's About Flash Player page. You will find a link on that page to download the latest version.

Yet another vulnerability with Adobe Flash

Heartbleed Bug has Experts in a panic

Do you trust your online banking? Most of us have grown to accept that there is a level of internet security we can trust.


UPDATE: See related article about arrested Canadian teenage Heartbleed hacker.

Heartbleed bug may put your data at risk. Contact TechnoMinds to test your computer.

Online Privacy

Online Privacy is critical. Block ad tracking and keep your web browsing private and secure

Did you know that every time you go online with your computer, iPhone or iPad, you are being watched and followed? Your online privacy is important and it should be protected.

As seen recently on 60 Minutes, internet tracking or also known as data collection is one of the biggest problems on the internet today. Yet, it is also one of the most well hidden. The average person does not know who or how many companies are following their every move on the internet. They would be shocked by how much of their personal data is being collected and sold, without your knowledge or consent. Just visiting a website should not be consent.

Don't be fooled, this has nothing to do with spyware or viruses.  We will teach you, your employees and your children about online privacy. We will show you how to block requests for data about your web-browsing and in-app activity from the biggest mobile tracking services. We will help you stop the personal data from leaving your device.


Update iOS to fix 'goto fail' security issue.

UPDATE: On Tuesday February 25, 2014 Apple released an update to Mavericks that includes a patch to the critical 'goto fail' security flaw. Please update your computer as well as your iOS device. Instructions for your computer.


Update iOS to fix 'goto fail' security issue.

Apple Joins Tech Giants in Calling for Reform of Government's Surveillance

In light of this summer's revelations about the NSA surveillance program, Apple has joined a group of 62 tech giants in calling on the US governement to seriously reform their surveillance program. They have created the website Reform Government Surveillance to voice their concerns.

Apple Joins 62 Other Tech Giants in Calling for Reform on the Government's Surveillance Program.

Hackers Steal Millions of Passwords for Facebook, Twitter, Yahoo and Google.

Internet security researchers from Turstwave SpiderLabs report that nearly 2 million usernames and passwords for Facebook, Twitter, Yahoo, Google, LinkedIn and other poplular sites have been compromised and distributed online.

Hackers Steal Millions of Passwords for Facebook, Twitter, Yahoo, Google and other sites.

Security Assessment and Recommendations

Keep your mac safe. Computer security from malware and viruses or nosy roommates

Apple's iPhone and Macintosh computers are the most secure devices on the market when it comes to malware and viruses. However, there still are potential dangers we can teach you how to avoid. 



  • Passwords - keep them strong and organized.
  • Email fraud - what is phishing?
  • Website scams - how to recognize and avoid them.
  • Public Wi-Fi networks - are they safe?
  • https - what does the "s" stand for?
  • System preferences - hidden options.
  • Parental controls - Know what your kids are doing and keep them safe.


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