Warning! Russian Malware attacking routers.

According to the FBI Russian malware called Fancy Bear has infected thousands of routers and has the potential to spread quickly. The malware can allow the perpetrators to collect information by reading people's internet activity, like email, web browsing, passwords etc..

Data Usage Monitoring

Data Usage Monitoring

Do you go over your monthly internet data cap? Do you feel your ISP is over billing your data usage? 

In today's world of data heavy lifestyles we lead, it is easy to feel overwhelmed when trying to determine if our Internet Service Provider (ISP) has accurately counted our monthly data usage. We read stories about ISP's being caught over billing their customers when it comes to data usage. What do you do when you get your internet bill and you see that you have exceeded your data usage cap and your bill is nearly double what it should be? Most people just pay it because they feel they have no recourse. How do you proove you didn't use that much data? This is where TechnoMinds can help you. We will install data usage monitors on your network. In a very short time, we will be able to show you graphs of just how much data you really are using, down to the minute. You will then have something to show your ISP when disputing your internet bill.

Contact TechnoMinds today and don't get cheated by your ISP again!

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