macintosh tech support

Computer Diagnostic and Repairs

Computer Diagnostic and Repairs for Macintosh computers like iMac, iPhone, iPad, MacBook Pro

Your computer is running slow or crashing? TechnoMinds can find what is wrong and get you back to work.

There are many reasons why a computer runs slowly. Sometimes it is a simple matter of needing a computer tune up (optimization). Other times it could mean a failing hard drive. By the way, are you backing up your data? We will make the safety of your data our number one priority. A poorly performing computer is a sympton you should not ignore. Give us a call right away before a little problem becomes a big one. 

Apple Mac Tech Support

Montreal Apple tech support that provides Mac computer tech support to the Montreal Area and remotely to any part of the world.
Onsite and Remote computer Apple tech support. In Montreal or at a remote office, technical support is just a call or email away.

Don't waste your time dragging your heavy computer to a store and look for parking, etc. Our knowledgable and friendly Macintosh technicians will come to your office or home in the Montreal area with a smile and help solve your Apple computer tech problems. Or if you do not live in the Montreal area, we can also fix your computer problems remotely while you sit and watch from the comfort of your office. Because we are not just a "computer fix-it" company, we can help with a wide vairety of technological services. Don't be shy, ask us and we can help. These are some of the Apple Tech Support services we provide:


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