Improve your chances of recovering a lost phone by enabling 'Send Last Location' in iOS 8.

There is a new feature in iOS 8 that can greatly improve your chances of recovering a lost iPhone. It is called "Send Last Location."

This new feature will automatically send the iOS device's last known location to Apple when the battery becomes critically low. The benefit of this is that when the battery does drain completely, it will help the owner find their device before it dissappears and the location is not known.


Photo Streaming

With iCloud and Photo Stream, you can sync your photos with all of your compatible devices

With iCloud, when you take a photo on one device, it automatically appears on all your other devices. And with Shared Photo Streams, you can easily choose which of your photos you want to share and who you want to share them with.

We understand that in today's digital world with an abundance of cloud syncing services, it can be difficult to understand how to properly sync your photos from your iPhone to iPhoto. Perhaps you have duplicate photos in iPhoto or on your iPhone camera roll. Maybe you want to know how to get your iPhone photos to automatically sync with iPhoto the minute you take the photo. Let TechnoMinds in Montreal show you how to use Apple's iCloud Photo Stream. We can get it up and running on all of your compatible devices. You will never be without your photos again.

Find My Friends

One of the added bonuses of using iCloud is the Find My Friends app to locate your friends and family and be notified when they are nearby.

At a concert, amusement park, or just around town, meet up with your friends with the ease of an alert when they are near.

Meet up with friends at an outdoor concert. Keep track of the family during a day on the ski slopes. The Find My Friends app is a great way to share your location with people who are important to you. Friends who share their locations with you appear on a map so you can quickly see where they are and what they’re up to. And since Find My Friends works with Contacts and Maps, you can do things like find the quickest route to a surprise party and avoid running into the birthday girl — all at once.

Cloud Integration

Use iCloud to sync your calendars, contacts, photos and bookmarks on your iPhone, iPad and Mac or PC computer.

Sync your iPhones & iPads with your computer using iCloud and get rid of duplicate contacts and calendar events.

It is one of those things that can annoy you on a daily basis but you never deal with. We know how frustrating it can be to get all of your devices working together. Let us help you make the iCloud work properly for you.

There are many advantages to cloud computing, like having access to your files wherever you are. Let TechnoMinds set you up in the cloud.

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