iBooks Syncing

Montreal Apple Macintosh iBooks syncing for iMac, iPad, iPhone, MacBook Air, MacBook Pro users that need help syncing books in Montreal to learn how to use their Apple devices.

Fill your iPhone, iPod touch, or iPad library with books. Take them to more places than you’d ever take a regular book. And from the moment you pull one out, you’ll be pulled in.

Going on vacation and you can't decide if you should bring that 500 page novel with you? Or maybe you can't decide which book to bring and you don't have room to pack 10 books. With iBooks, you can bring them all. Students will love iBooks too. You can have all of your textbooks in your iPad and note taking is as easy as a touch of your finger. Imagine being able to search your text book for key terms instantly. Let TechnoMinds in Montreal show you how to sync your books in Apple's iBooks.

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