Update iOS to fix 'goto fail' security issue.

Monday, February 24, 2014
Update iOS to fix 'goto fail' security issue.

UPDATE: On Tuesday February 25, 2014 Apple released an update to Mavericks that includes a patch to the critical 'goto fail' security flaw. Please update your computer as well as your iOS device. Instructions for your computer.


URGENT! Apple has released iOS 7.0.6 for the iPhone, iPad, iPod and AppleTV which patches a serious security issue with Apple's implementation of SSL.  It is HIGHLY recommended that you run this update. Instructions on how to update your device.


There is a good article on the subject on Reuters website

The problem lies in the way the software recognizes the digital certificates used by banking sites, Google's Gmail service, Facebook and others to establish encrypted connections. A single line in the program and an omitted bracket meant that those certificates were not authenticated at all, so that hackers can impersonate the website being sought and capture all the electronic traffic before passing it along to the real site. 

--Joseph Menn of Reuters


This security vulnerabilty affects the Mac operating system as well. Apple has not released a patch that yet. You can test your computer or your iOS device (iPhone & iPad) at this site (https://gotofail.com) to see if it is vulnearble. 


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