Phone Scam: "We've found a problem on your computer."

Tuesday, November 11, 2014
Microsoft phone scam malware and virus


The victim will receive a phone call from the scammer. He will identify himself as a technicican from Microsoft [They can use other company names]. They tell you that they have detected a problem with your computer. They claim you have a virus and they wish to help you remove it. The scammer will talk the victim through a series of steps that is supposed to fix the problem. They will almost always start by asking you to go to your Start menu. This should be a tip off to Mac users that this is a scam. The steps can vary but inevitibly it always ends with him asking for a credit card number or a wire transfer. 

Here are some alerts that you should be on the lookout for

  • The "technician" that may have a strong foreign accent, cold calls you and says he is from Microsoft.
  • They tell you that they have detected a problem (virus) on your computer. Yet, how would they know?
  • They may ask you to go to the website:
  • They will ask you for your credit card number and or baknk account info.

We have noticed an dramatic increase of calls in this last year. We have also received one of these calls recently. Unfortunately, we were not able to record the call, but 23 year old Joel Mantel from Orangeville, Ontario did. He has provided everyone with his recording so that the public can become educated on this matter. 


Remember, any legitimate company, especially Microsoft, will not contact you out of the blue and tell you there is a problem with your computer. If you are suspicious, ask for their phone number and tell them you will call them back. Most likely, they will resist or give you a fake number. BUT BY NO MEANS give them any personal info. 

If you believe that you may have fallen victim to this scam, please conatact your bank(s) right away and let them know.

If this has happened to you and you are worried, contact TechnoMinds right away. We can help you asses if there have been any security breaches on your computer. We will halp you change passwords and teach you how to protect yourself from future scams.