iTunes Radio May Soon be available in Canada

Friday, November 1, 2013
Apple Consultants: iTunes Radio May Soon be available in Canada

The speculation of when Apple's iTunes Radio will be coming to Canada and other English speaking countries has heated up due to a recent job listing in Canada.

Execute the music programming of the iTunes Store in Canada, merchandising new releases and other feature content across multiple genres; Update featuring daily, identifying new and priority releases, as well as highlighting library content and showcase depth of catalogue; Work with management in Canada and Cupertino to determine local and global priorities relevant to iTunes. Manage the weekly scheduling and programming process. Collaborate with other editorial programmers on cross content initiatives and promotions. Communicate regularly with the Marketing and Sales team in Canada to coordinate new releases and priorities.

The rumor is that it should be sometime early in 2014 when the service is expanded. That can't come soon enough for many as you can read numorous forums threads on the subject. Many starting off with questions like, "I updated iTunes and I still don't see iRadio," only to learn the sad truth that they must wait.

However, there is a way for those in other countries to get iRadio now. If you have a US credit card, you can switch countries in your iTunes account and download iRadio for iOS. Then switch back to your home county and iRadio should still work. There are some restrictions on using this method that you can easily Google. EDIT: We have since learned that once you change back to your home country, iRadio will disappear. We will just have to wait. WARNING: We DO NOT guarantee this method, nor do we even endorse it. You do this at your own risk and you assume all liabilty for anything that goes wrong.