iPhone 6 Bendgate: Overblown according to Consumer Reports

Friday, September 26, 2014
iPhone 6 bending

As many may have heard, there have been reports of the new iPhones easily bending. You may have seen the video by vlogger Lewis Hilsenteger on Youtube channel Unbox Therapy. It shows him bending the iPhone 6 Plus with his hands. This video caught the eye of the media and Bendgate was all over the internet. Rumors of users having bent iPhones were swirling all around. 

Consumer Reports  decided to do some independent testing. Their tests refute the claims that the phones can easily bend. The iPhone 6 began to bend at 70 pounds of pressure and the iPhone Plus bends at 90 poounds of pressure. Camparitively, the HTC One (M8) bent at 70 Pounds of pressure.

The obvious question is will the iPhone bend under normal use? However, it begs another question, is putting your phone in your back pocket considered normal use and is it fair to expect the phone to withstand such conditions?