Google facing serious security issues with Android as foreshadowed by Steve Jobs

Monday, July 15, 2013

Steve Jobs in 2007 discussed the security problems facing smart phones at the time and serious issues facing Apple's in the face of immense pressure from software developers to open the iPhone and iPod up to third party developers. The critics were up in arms that Apple did not support Java or Flash and the familiar "Apple is doomed" was the mantra of the day. This was at a time when Flash was the dominating platform for online videos and games. "How could Apple not have Flash?"

Apple, led by the vision of Steve Jobs had a long range approach that Windows, Palm and Google did not. Jobs understood the problems of the day for smartphones. It was terrible, expensive and very insecure apps being developed by third parties with no over sight. It was the wild west and anything went. In 2007 the first year that Apple released the iPhone, it only included a few native apps: Safari, Mail, Maps, and iPod. There were no third party developed apps, with the exception of the Google Maps app. Before Apple would release a Software Developer's Kit (SDK) for developers to bring their apps to the iPhone, Apple had to come up with a way to make the wild west tame. The iTunes Store with signing certificates for apps to insure the authenticity and security of the app was their answer. 

As history has shown us over the the last 6 years, the iPhone is extremely secure, while the Android and the the Windows phone are plaqued by viruses and malware. 

Apple's business model has been thought out and geared toward the user's privacy and security, while Google has opted for the less secure path in order to instead flood the earth with the handsets. 



Warning! Russian Malware attacking routers.

According to the FBI Russian malware called Fancy Bear has infected thousands of routers and has the potential to spread quickly. The malware can allow the perpetrators to collect information by reading people's internet activity, like email, web browsing, passwords etc..

Netflix Scam

There is a new assault on Netflix subscribers by scammers, that isn't so new. However, it is more sophisticated than in past attempts.

Netflix subscribers are being targeted by phishing scam

Apple releases iOS 11 and tvOS 11 today.

Today Apple released iOS 11 & tvOS 11. It is a major release to be followed OS 11 for the Mac on September 25th. These updates come along side the exciting new hardware updates, iPhone X, iPhone 8, Watch series 3 and Apple tv 4k. 

Say "Yes" scam alert

The Federal Communications Commission is warning consumers about a new scam that is hooking consumers with just one word: Yes.

say yes scam

Swift-based ransomware targets Mac pirated software seekers

There is a new ransomware for Macs that has been discovered. It is "poorly coded" in Swift programming language. It encrypts the user's files and demands payment to get your files back. In the end, regardless if you pay or not, your files will not be decrypted.

The ransomware is found in Bit Torrent sites with the name Patcher. It poses as a crack for removing copy protection and licensing systems that are used with popular software like Adobe Premiere Pro and Microsoft Office 2016. It is possible that it is circulating under different names.