URGENT! Update your Apple Device Immediately!

Apple's recent updates to iOS, OS X, tvOS and watchOS patch a previously unknown security flaw that allows the secretive gathering of sensitive data with a simple text message, an OS-level bug which bears a strong similarity to last year's Stagefright exploit on Google's Android platform.

Apple updates software to fix vulnerability similar to Android's Stagefright

What is Apple's Gatekeeper and How Can it Save me?

Apple's GateKeeper can save you from Malware

If you have never heard of Apple's Gatekeeper, it is time you have.


This is Apple's own definition,

Some apps downloaded and installed from the internet could adversely affect your Mac. Gatekeeper helps protect your Mac from such apps.


Is Your WIFI Safe?

Are you being watched through your own webcam or a baby monitor? It has been recently reported that webcam hackers are watching British families in their homes and they are streaming the live footage on a Russian website. This is not just happening in England. Right here in Montreal you can drive down almost any street and find at least one home or business wifi network that is not secure.

Vulnerable wifi networks can allow hackers to spy on you through your webcam

Phone Scam: "We've found a problem on your computer."

The victim will receive a phone call from the scammer. He will identify himself as a technicican from Microsoft [They can use other company names]. They tell you that they have detected a problem with your computer. They claim you have a virus and they wish to help you remove it. 

Microsoft phone scam malware and virus

Warning! Russian Malware attacking routers.

According to the FBI Russian malware called Fancy Bear has infected thousands of routers and has the potential to spread quickly. The malware can allow the perpetrators to collect information by reading people's internet activity, like email, web browsing, passwords etc..

Netflix Scam

There is a new assault on Netflix subscribers by scammers, that isn't so new. However, it is more sophisticated than in past attempts.

Netflix subscribers are being targeted by phishing scam

How To Use iPhone's Medical ID feature - ICE

A fairly unknown feature with the iPhone's Health app can possibly save your life one day. It is the Medical ID, often referred to as In Case of Emergency (ICE).

Say "Yes" scam alert

The Federal Communications Commission is warning consumers about a new scam that is hooking consumers with just one word: Yes.

say yes scam

Swift-based ransomware targets Mac pirated software seekers

There is a new ransomware for Macs that has been discovered. It is "poorly coded" in Swift programming language. It encrypts the user's files and demands payment to get your files back. In the end, regardless if you pay or not, your files will not be decrypted.

The ransomware is found in Bit Torrent sites with the name Patcher. It poses as a crack for removing copy protection and licensing systems that are used with popular software like Adobe Premiere Pro and Microsoft Office 2016. It is possible that it is circulating under different names.

New TechnoMinds Service: Password Fatigue

Are you at your limit with password fatigue? Are you ready to explode if you have to remember one more password?

TechnoMinds is offering a new service that will make your life a lot easier. In Montreal or any other part of the world, we can help you. Our new Password Fatigue service will eliminate the nightmare of remembering passwords, while at the same time, improve your security by increasing the strength of your passwords. How you ask? Head over to our Services section and find out.

Tired of remembering passwords? Password fatigue help is here.


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