Yet another vulnerability with Adobe Flash

Monday, April 28, 2014
Yet another vulnerability with Adobe Flash

On Monday Adobe disclosed that there is a new vulnerability with Flash that may allow attackers to remotely take control of Macs, PCs and Linux computers. They have advised users to update their version of Flash immediately. 

The bug affects Flash Player and earlier on the Mac. Users can check the version of Flash installed on their system by visiting Adobe's About Flash Player page. You will find a link on that page to download the latest version.

This is not the first and most likely it will not be the last time Adobe Flash has proven to be a security risk. Apple deliberately does not provide Flash compatibility on it's iOS devices for that very reason. Steve Jobs in his eloquent open letter from 2010 expressed his thoughts on Flash and explained why he chose not to include it. 

We know that it is still not that easy to go through your daily computing without needing Flash at some point. We urge you to update ASAP.