Avoid Apple Store Crowds

Who doesn't like going to the Apple store?

Well, me, for one.

Yes, I have waited hours in line for an iPhone. I liken it to going to Costco or Ikea on the weekend. We dread the crowds yet we are sadistically drawn by the weird urge to buy, buy, buy.

However, what if you are going because you are having computer problems? You have to book an appointment with a Apple Genius sometimes 3 days in advance. If you are lucky, you find parking nearby, because now you have to carry your iMac from your car to the Apple Store, then carry it upstairs and hopefully find a table to set it on.

As you wait, you look around the store and ask yourself, "who can hear anything in here, let alone learn something?"

There is never enough room to stand without being bumped or moved out of the way. Then you get 15 minutes with the Apple Genius to fix your problem. If you need more time, I hope you booked two consecutive appointments. So chances are, you have to leave your computer with them for 3-5 business days. That means no computer for a week and having to return for round two.

Avoid the Apple Store chaos!

Imagine instead, having a friendly, extremely experienced technician/teacher come to your office or home at a time that suits you? You can comfortably sit in your chair, drinking a nice cup of coffee as you explain what is happening to your computer. You won't need to shout to be heard. 

No, you will actually be able to talk and have someone who is really listening to you.

This is what it is like when you contact TechnoMinds. It is like having your computer friend come over to give you a hand. Only, this one knows what he is doing.