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Is Your WIFI Safe?
Vulnerable wifi networks can allow hackers to spy on you through your webcam
Are you being watched through your own webcam or a baby monitor? It has been recently reported that webcam hackers are watching British families in their homes and they are streaming the live footage on a Russian website. This is not just happening in England. Right here in Montreal you can drive down almost any street and find at least one home or business wifi network that is not secure.
Phone Scam: "We've found a problem on your computer."
Microsoft phone scam malware and virus
The victim will receive a phone call from the scammer. He will identify himself as a technicican from Microsoft [They can use other company names]. They tell you that they have detected a problem with your computer. They claim you have a virus and they wish to help you remove it. 

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Apple's 2013 Mac Pro
Apple MacPro 2013

After years of waiting, pro users finally get a completely revamped Mac designed specifically to suit their needs, complete with bespoke chassis, high-powered internals and a price tag to match.

Square card reader
Square credit card reader for iPhone

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