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New TechnoMinds Service: Password Fatigue
Tired of remembering passwords? Password fatigue help is here.
Are you at your limit with password fatigue? Are you ready to explode if you have to remember one more password?
Email Scam - WhatsApp Voicemail Message
Whatsapp voicemail email scam. Beware of malware
This fraudulent e-mail message is being found in inboxes and  is deceiving users into believing that it is a legitimate communication from the cross-platform mobile messaging app WhatsApp.

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Apple's 2013 Mac Pro
Apple MacPro 2013

After years of waiting, pro users finally get a completely revamped Mac designed specifically to suit their needs, complete with bespoke chassis, high-powered internals and a price tag to match.

Square card reader
Square credit card reader for iPhone

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