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Apple releases Bash update to plug Shellshock security flaw
On Monday, Apple released OS X bash update for Mavericks, Mountain Lion and Lion that addresses the recently discovered "Shellshock" security flaw that exploits the bash UNIX shell used by Apple computers. The bug "Shellshock" is built into every version of bash since 1989. The potential risk is that a hacker could take control of your computer with the intent of gathering information and modifying the system files.
iPhone 6 Bendgate: Overblown according to Consumer Reports
iPhone 6 bending
As many may have heard, there have been reports of the new iPhones easily bending. You may have seen the video by vlogger Lewis Hilsenteger on Youtube channel Unbox Therapy. It shows him bending the iPhone 6 Plus with his hands. This video caught the eye of the media and Bendgate was all over the internet. Rumors of users having bent iPhones were swirling all around. 

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Apple's 2013 Mac Pro
Apple MacPro 2013

After years of waiting, pro users finally get a completely revamped Mac designed specifically to suit their needs, complete with bespoke chassis, high-powered internals and a price tag to match.

Square card reader
Square credit card reader for iPhone

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