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URGENT! Update your Apple Device Immediately!
Apple updates software to fix vulnerability similar to Android's Stagefright
Apple's recent updates to iOS, OS X, tvOS and watchOS patch a previously unknown security flaw that allows the secretive gathering of sensitive data with a simple text message, an OS-level bug which bears a strong similarity to last year's Stagefright exploit on Google's Android platform.
Malware hits Mac
Malware on Mac
First known malware found on Mac.

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What is Apple's Gatekeeper and How Can it Save me?
Apple's GateKeeper can save you from Malware
If you have never heard of Apple's Gatekeeper, it is time you have.   This is Apple's own definition,
Medical ID (ICE) on iPhone
Do you have an Medical ID (ICE) contact in your iPhone? Now days we all have smart phones and many people use an ICE contact for that information. But what if your phone is locked with a passcode and the person assisting you can't access your medical ID?